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Interview with Liana Mikah

These are the words of a new beginning. They sing an anthem of persistence and growth. They speak of hardships and beautiful seasons. These are the words of a flower blooming right where it is meant to. With the birth of This is Wildflower in 2017, Liana Mikah brought these words to life in a way unlike never before. She created a brand with the vision of inspiring others to find their identity in Christ and bring community together.

What inspired Wildflower — What does it mean? Why did it start?

To be honest, if I could you the simplest answer it would be Jesus. That’s the definition of Wildflower, to me. The Gospel. Coming alive to the real Truth. Realizing my inheritance. My value in the Kingdom. All the parts of my story that were seeds underground that I thought were worthless, that made no sense, were sowed and planted generations and generations before mine. Wildflower, was the birth of coming to the realization that every single part of my story matters. A spiritual awakening. All the details, the good, bad and ugly. Every layer of my story is a key to my healing but also a key to open the door for others to be healed through sharing and telling my story. My transformation and restoration back to the garden of Eden. Back to the atmosphere of Heaven. Where things first began. Intimacy with my perfect King. It’s a wild, wonderful and perfectly wonderful process the Holy Spirit invited me into and I would not choose any other journey. My hope is that by telling my story, others can awaken to their own stories and share them in the process. We don’t have to have it all together, all figured out for it to be a testimony. The story we are telling is who Jesus is in the story — not our history.

Wildflower does Story Nights – What are those? 

Story Nights is really an expression of what the I envision for the brand to inspire worldwide. Women gathering around a table with delicious food, worship, fellowship, and an encouraging word. Women of all different walks of life gathering together to share their stories, cry, heal, and leave inspired and awakened to continue their journey with hope. The atmosphere is filled with cozy candles, beautiful florals, and a table to sit at. Through these Story Nights, God has moved very powerfully and broken down so many walls that were previously  built up. Women have walked in one way and left with a whole new perspective and identity. To me Story Nights are an answered prayer. A reminder that I am apart of a global plan: restoring and renewing His daughters. This is my purpose in life. To restore His daughters. 

As This is Wildflower expands, what’s next?

You heard it first: There's a book and a movie coming soon. Also, a fun collaboration with Sunday Coffee. Say what?! I am still in awe too. Can't wait to share more details. Lets just say partnering with the Holy Spirit to create together has been the best decision I've ever made. 

Interview with Victoria of Ivory & White Films

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