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Wildflower: Behind the Creator

Hi, I’m Liana Mikah. 

Just your average 20-something gal from a small country town near Portland, Ore. I wear my heart on my sleeve – meaning I don’t hide well - which is a good thing I’ve learned. Vulnerability, that is. It has helped me heal and shape my heart. Transformation into the likeness of the One who created me. Learning to be vulnerable has formed who I am today. Sharing my story: All the ups, downs and bumps along the way. Often, right in the middle of the mess. My story includes good and bad things. Breakups, depression, body shame, addictions - those are a real part of my story but also falling in love with a dream of a man named Jesus, having a joy that is not based on circumstances, growing & learning what living from Heaven to Earth looks like (yes, heaven – more on that later). 

It’s been a wild journey. This process. A perfect paradox. Along the way, I’ve created a brand that allows others to do the same. Share their stories right where they are at. We don’t have to wait for our stories to have that “perfect” ending or the answered prayers for the story to be told. We can share right in the midst of the journey: all of the good & the ugly. Sharing the mystery of the story, leaving others with the decision to come along for the journey. 

This corner of the world is a judgment-free zone - it is an invitation to look inside our inner worlds and heal. Heal by being vulnerable and sharing our stories. Jesus often sat the table with his friends and to me, that is the ultimate goal. To sit with our favorite cup of tea or coffee and share. Share it all and as we do, watch each other transform and heal in the middle of it. Because sharing your story brings transformation. I’ve seen the fruit of sharing in my own life and in so many others around me just because they chose to speak up. Speak up about the hard and the ugly. Speak on the things you thought you would take to the grave. Here’s the thing: darkness is the absence of light. So let the light in. Sharing your story will bring a lightness to your existence. It’s addicting. Because light is freedom. And freedom is addicting. Freedom from body shame, addictions, pain done to you, depression, loss… all that and above thrives in darkness. 

So let the light in. 

Your story is ready to bloom, if you let it. 

You are wild, wonderful and perfectly in process.








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