“The perfect are being perfected”… A line in the Wildflower song. 

The paradox of the gospel. 

The reality is that we are now perfect and becoming perfect because of the Cross. 

A beautiful dance called process.

The magnificent history that we all carry in Christ: that we were once dead and now we are alive in Him. 

This is the real meaning of the Gospel. This is your testimony, and it is mine. Whether you grew up in a Christian home and feel like you don’t have much of a story to tell or if you consider yourself the worst of them all… the common thread in all our stories is that we were all once dead. 

Come on this journey with Wildflower to discover that your story will set you free – every layer is important and you will discover the power of sharing your story. Each layer of your perfectly in-process story invites you into deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Pre-Order. Ship date: May 22nd, 2022.