Sunday for our family is one of our favorite days. It’s a day of rest where we spend most of the day with our family drinking coffee. When our papa started to roast coffee at home, we fell in love with it even more. It is now a ritual. Freshly roasted coffee and all of us gathered around laughing, making and sharing memories and enjoying God’s beautiful day of rest. To us, Sunday Coffee defines who we are. We hope that through our story and love for coffee, you can make Sunday Coffee a ritual you share with your family as well.

Medium/Light Roast – Delicious and smooth. We guarantee the perfect cup of coffee – one of our favorite ways to drink is straight black (that’s how good it is).

Locally roasted in the Pacific Northwest by my papa.

340g — 16oz (1 pound)

Roasting a new batch of fresh coffee August 14th. Ready to ship August 15th.